What is this club all about?
Our aim is to improve and share creative writing. Valuing quality over quantity when it comes to members, we are on the lookout for writing talent that deserves a platform to be expressed and shared.

When do we meet?
We conduct bi-weekly meetings whose date and time is decided as per the convenience of the group members.

How do we conduct a meeting?
Club members will pick and vote on a topic to write on and present in the next meeting. The word limit of each piece is 1000 words. We take turns to share our piece, and positive feedback and constructive criticism is provided to each member. All the pieces will be put up on this website.

How does one sign up for the club?
If you are interested in joining us, send us a sample of your writing to, on the basis of which, considerations will be made.

Where do we have our meetings?
We will predominantly have the meetings at the American Corner of St. Francis College. However, other meeting places will be considered on the basis of suggestions of our members, provided that it is a quiet one.

Ground Rules

  • Members should be regular for meetings and arrive on time
  • In case a member cannot make it to a meeting, they can inform beforehand and submit their piece on the group during the hours of a meeting taking place.
  • Missing three meetings in a row / being inactive /not contributing can lead to suspension.
  • Ensure your piece is free of spelling and grammatical errors. No plagiarism.
  • Ensure that the piece you’ve written for the club isn’t shared or shown to any club member before a meeting. This is so that you will be able to gauge the first impression your piece will give to the other members.