Maps · Palak

Maps by Palak

It leads you home, they say,
It fences you in, I say.
It finds your way, they say.
It deprives you adventure, I say.
It keeps you safe, they say.
It keep you limited, I say.
It makes searching easy, they say.
It makes searching too easy, I say.
The tool of pirates and,
The title of Ed Sheeran’s song.
The navigator of all ways,
Twisted, curved, short or long.
Life is easy today, as easy as a map.
Everything is drawn out, every bridge every gap.
How then you tell me, can one ever get lost?
How can one cross places that have never been crossed?
The bliss of discovering and adventure is slowly and permanently fading,
With socially accepted lines called rules that should be reprimanded for invading.
Maps and rules are similar, they both mess you up.
Making life ideal, they refuse to budge.
But the only difference between them I’d say is new,
Maps are same for everyone and rules are subjective to you.