Maps · Namrata

Maps by Namrata

Ten leaps forward said my brain. I ran barefoot pricking myself with pine cones and the hard shells of nuts, creating a trail of blood behind me but my heart begged to differ. It thumped against my rib cage, warning me to go back to the start, to not go on this journey of self-destruction ahem, self-discovery. it’s funny how our brain is heralded as the all-knowing Yoda, and the heart the sappy, emotional teenager going through a mid-life crisis. However, In reality, it’s the convictions and the beliefs you have in your heart that save you when your rational brain fails to decipher the hidden meanings and states only what it sees.
 Without any charted course or a definite destination, I stumble my way through the purposeless weeds and the majestic oak trees that make up the woods and reach a clearing. I hear the river before I see it. I hear the delicate swaying and the rippling mini waves caused by the fish and birds. I’m drawn to towards the sparkling river and its purity. I wondered how it would feel to get lost in the water. To lose control and let go of all sense of direction. I step into the river and walk until the water reaches my chin. All the memories, both good and bad ran through my mind. And then I sink, figuring that I could swim with the fish to Neverland.

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