Maps · Suha

Maps by Suha

What if I told you, your life is an unfolding map?
No, not  the one crafted by Marauder.
It’s the kind you walk on, sometimes crawl,
And sometimes barely move at all.
But you do get somewhere. It’s like the red carpet, if you will.
But this one is drawn out from your mother’s womb to your tombstone.
Each step reveals what lies ahead, as the steps behind fade into monochrome.

It is these maps that trace
The first time you bought a video game,
The first time you got smacked in the face.
The map is what you refer to when you are lost,
Sometimes for the comforting memory of home, a person, a taste, a song.
And when it gives you the wrong direction,
You start from the scratch and make a revised edition.

What if I told you,
That the scars on your arms, legs and heart,
Is where the treasure lies?
That it is these very X’s that mark the most precious parts of you
For they deepen the contours, and solidify the lines.

What if I told you,
To not define your worth based on the scribblings
That others make on your map?
Your report cards, the rebukes, betrayals and scratched out hearts.
Rather, allow the ones you respect and love,
To leave their unique marks on as they please.
Leave your own on theirs too.

What if I told you, that you don’t know yourself as you claim to,
That you limit who you are to the shores of that which you know.
The shock of finding new land,
The frustration at being forced to change course,
Is nothing compared to the joy of charting unmapped terrain.

Now what if I told you, you are the cartographer of your destiny?
To some degree at least.
Don’t be foolish enough to think
That there will not be persistent fog or unexpected inkblots.
But what you do with them is what determines the rest of the adventure.
Craft your map with lots of colour, tread without needless caution
If maps aren’t your style,
Google Earth is another option.

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